Green Seal Insulation

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POLARFOAM insulation gives the best R-value in the business, R6 per inch, and expands into all nooks and cracks to completely seal your home. You could save 30%-50% on your energy bills.

POLARFOAM PF-7300-0 SOYA is a rigid spray foam insulation made with SOYA and recycled materials. 2lb spray foam weighs approximately 2lb per cubic foot when fully cured. The material is spray applied as a liquid before expanding 35-50 times its origional volume and forming a rigid plastic foam.


Reseach shows that 40%of building heat loss can be attributed to air leakage through the building envelope. Tests for air leakage, done by an independant laboratory recognized by the CCMC, show that POLARFOAM PF-7300-0 SOYA exceeds 500 times the requirements of the NBC as an air barrier material.

Our product will not just insulate the best, but will also seal your home from wind, dust, pollen, and insects.

By creating a sealed air barrier and eliminating air infiltration, POLARFOAM PF-7300-0 SOYA does not allow wall condensation that can often result in mold, mildew, and wall degradation. Cured spray foam insulation is relatively inert and has not been cited as a problem to allergy sufferers or to those with chemical sensitivities. Depending on the ventalation, fumes and odors dissipate to non-detectable levels within minutes or hours of application.